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Tips for Twists
It’s best to do your twists early in the morning (like on a weekend when there may be more time) to give them time to dry all day. It’s best to sleep in them. They can still be a little tiny bit damp when you sleep on them, but it’s best to make sure they are totally dry before you take them out, or else they will frizz really badly, or not set firmly to last all week. Sleeping on the twists gives them time to set. Then, in the morning, you can take them out. It’s best not to fingercomb them because that can make them fuzzy, as well as weaken the set.

two strand twists

Twists will give you spirals in your hair. The smaller each twist, the tighter the spiral. When you are setting your hair and it won’t hold the twist because all the curl has been taken out, you can put clips on the ends of your hair while it dries. Keep them on until time to sleep, then remove them only long enough to bun or braid your twists to keep them in place at night.

Another thing you can try is doing this same thing, but with several braids, or even two french braids on either side of your head. For braids, you probably need to make sure your hair is dry first (because air can’t get into braids to dry your hair very easily). Then spritz your hair lightly with a tiny amount of water to help it set, and braid your hair. Sleep in them. In the morning you should have lots of waves. Again, it’s best not to comb them or get them wet because it may ruin your set, or it won’t last all week.


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