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I have used this method in the past to define my curls. Before I had heat damage in the front of my hair, shingling was my go to style. I heard of this method when I went to the World Natural Hair Show 2 years ago in Atlanta. At that time, the method was used by the Miss Jessie’s team of stylists so I am going to tell you how to do this method with Miss Jessie’s products. Not to say you have to use these products but they do work very well for curl definition.

What is Shingling™?
Shingling™ is a styling method developed and created at Miss Jessie’s salon to manually “turn kinks to curls.” You can achieve maximum curl definition and elongation if you capture your hair in the wet stage. Apply Miss Jessie’s CURLY PUDDING™ or Miss Jessie’s CURLY MERINGUE™ and use a comb to spread the product from root to end smoothing and stretching hair in a southbound direction. We call it Shingling because it looks like flat shingles in a brick-layered pattern. This styling method is excellent for naturally kinky, curly and wavy textures.

What are the tools I need to achieve these curly looks?
Portable tabletop dryer or
1800-watt blow dryer
Nozzle attachment or
Diffuser attachment
Wide-tooth comb
Medium tooth rat-tail comb
Neck towel

What do I do at night when my hair is Shingled™?
You can wear a satin cap. If you have major shrinkage tie a satin scarf loosely on your head to keep hair in a south bound direction.

What do I do in the morning when my hair is Shingled™?
You can add a dab of Miss Jessie’s CURLY or BABY BUTTERCREME™ to dry hair for moisture. Do not wet natural hair. You will have to start all over again. It will shrink back to its natural state. How long will SHINGLING™ last? It can last between 2-7 days depending on hair type and how you care for it.

Will Shingling™ really turn my kinks to curls?
Yes! It can turn most kinks to curls with the exception of textures with a ‘z’ pattern and tightly coiled hair formation.

To see a demonstration of how to shingle from Miss Jessies, click here

To see a fellow YouTuber Shingle her hair with Eco Styler gel and a Denman brush, which I have used as well, click here

**NOTE: Napps83 uses a diffuser first. I recommend after shingling, sit under hooded dryer until fully dry. Then use a concentrator attachment on the end of a blow dryer to give fullness ant the roots. That way, your curls will not become frizzyShingled


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