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Have you heard about hair steaming? It is all the rage in the hair care world.

What is hair steaming? It is a method of deep conditioning that leaves hair more moisturized and softer. It is also said to help hair grow faster.

Steaming opens up the scalp follicles and hair cuticle to allow deeper penetration of your conditioners and treatments. When steam is applied to the hair, it opens up the hair shaft to allow moisture into the hair which helps to stop dryness and breakage. It is also said that when the scalp follicles are opened by the steam, the hair will grow faster.

To use this method you should wash your hair and apply your conditioner. Cover with a wet towel and plastic cap and sit under a steamer. If you don’t have a steamer, you can still steam by covering with a hot towel and cover the hot towel with a plastic cap. I used to boil water with rosemary and lean my head over for as long as I can stand it. That way, I get a facial and hair mask all at the same time.

Conditioners like Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and Organix Conditioners work well with steaming because they are filled with ingredients that promote healthy hair, yet are mineral oil and petroleum free. This means that you will you will get the most penetration and benefits from the conditioner.

Try it the next time you condition for healthier, softer, more moisturied hair.

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