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I braided and twisted my hair to achieve this updo style

Rolled and Pinned!

Half Kinky and Half Cornrows

Tons of color

My favorite protective style is Kinky Twists!!! They are fun, versatile, and easy to take out, which is my favorite part! LOL. Here are a few pictures of how I wore my twists. This is also how I grew out my relaxer and occasionally when I need a break from my natural hair, I will go back to this style over and over.


Protective style vs. low manipulation

A protective style is where your ends are protected, shielded away, and invisible to outside elements i.e. weather (rain, snow, wind, sun etc.). These styles really help in retaining length. Some examples would include buns, braids, cornrows, wigs, weaves, lacefronts, french braids, up-dos, phony ponies etc. Protective styles can be considered as low manipulation styles, however, low manipulation styles are not protective styles.

Low manipulation, basically means styling the hair with no direct heat. Braid outs, twist outs, bantu knots, pin curls, flexi rod sets, roller sets etc. are all under the category of low manipulation styles. These styles require no direct heat (blow dryer or flat iron) and barely any energy or skill on your part. They are easy to do and healthier style choices since direct heat is the quickest way to dry out the hair.

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