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This year I have really been working on my hair care regimen. I have been trying to stick to a rather simple and less expensive regimen that is mostly natural. I have sensitive skin and I want to be able to use products on my hair that will not irritate my already irritated skin. So, here is what I do and I have seen the difference in my hair texture, breakage, and growth. I will try to post pictures but I am lacking the before and after because I don’t wear my natural hair out as often as I should.

For my everyday leave-in conditioner i mix these items in a spray bottle:
1 part distilled water (moisture)
1 part aloe vera (moisture)
1 part glycerin (locks in moisture and softens)
1 part pro vitamin Infusium 23 (protein)

**Infusium 23 Original Formula Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner infuses hair with Pro-Vitamin B5 for health, manageability, and shine. Rebuilds damaged hair to its natural condition. Restores dry, brittle hair. Protects against split ends. Seals cuticle after chemical services. Adds superb manageability and shine. I decided to add it after realizing that in my old regimen I had all moisture but no protein. I spray this on my hair everyday! (Or at least every other)

Now my hair oil, on the other hand, is a little more complicated yet free-handed! LOL! I really just grabbed every essential and carrier oils I purchased over the years and some of my mothers (the hair oil queen) oils as well and mixed them all in a squeeze bottle. The majority of the oil is extra virgin olive oil and I made sure there was some tea tree and lavender oils in there to tame my itchy and flaky scalp. I squeezed this mixture on my scalp and on the ends of my hair about every other day.

I co-wash my hair every Wednesday (depending on the style) with either Hello Hydration by Herbal Essence or Organix Sulfate Free Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Conditioner.

I wash my hair every Saturday (depending on the style) with Organix Sulfate Free Hydrating Macadamia Oil Shampoo or Organix Sulfate-Free Repairing Awapuhi Ginger Shampoo or Organix Sulfate Free Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo.

After shampooing, I deep condition with a mixture of one of my conditioners, 1 egg, and a few drops of my hair oil. I leave that in for as long as I can stand it, or I sit under the dryer on medium for a while careful not to scramble the egg in my hair, or if I am at my mothers, I sit under her steamer for about 30 minutes then rinse in cool water. (I always rinse in COOL water)

I either blowdry, french braid, two strand twist, bantu knot, plait, flexi-rod, or roller set my hair for a new style.

I have done this for the last 4 months rather it be in braids, or i have a wig on, or my natural hair. When it is in braids, I did not wash it but maybe once a month (if that) but I did spray my hair with the leave in every day. It’s left my hair very soft and very manageable, shiny, detangled, and just overall HEALTHY. I have also been cutting the ends that I see are split and each month it gets less and less. I am excited to see the growth at the end of this year!!!



So I was able to keep my hair up from June 16th until August 30th. Can you believe it? I will be taking my weave out around the 28th or 29th but I get it redone on the 30th. This will be a world record. LOL! The next thing I get is a full weave with china bangs. I will be washing the hair I have in now and doing a deep condition on my own hair and protein treatment before a get it redone. I like to keep my hair in a protective style during the fall and winter months because I do a lot of damage to it. I use my hair products but I get so tempted to curl it with the iron or straighten it. This is how I preserve my hair and keep it healthy. I will come back to you with an update on length when I take this down in a few days.

This is what it looked like for my wedding!!!
Wedding Day

Hello all. I have been away for a while do to getting married and moving so I haven’t been posting as often but I am back to do a new hair story.

I took down my previous hair style on June 1st. I was rocking my natural hair in two strand twists and Afro puffs until the 17th of June which is when my stylist Briana A. did my weave for my wedding. I chose to use Indiremy by Bobbi Boss because I have used that hair in the past and I have several clients that use this brand and have been using the same hair for the last 4 installs which would be over a years worth of use. The wefts are thick so you always get a great result with minimal shedding.

The way I do a weave to preserve the weft-ed hair is by using the fold over method. I sew down a row and instead of cutting it at the end, I double knot it and fold the hair over to repeat the process. My hair dresser wasn’t familiar with this method but I knew it would still turn out good. I also had a center part so that made things easier.

I bought the hair online at because it was $20 cheaper per pack than to buy it at my local beauty supply using my professional discount. I bought a 16′, a 14′ and I had a 12′ and a 10′ from a previous install. I wanted all 4 packs of hair in my head but it wasn’t possible. We finished off with about 3 1/4 packs which was fine for me.

For the wedding, Briana curled my hair with the flat iron so i had big ringlets. Then after that, we set my hair with purple flexi rods.
(SIDE NOTE: I bought some flexi rods from Sally’s and they were $10 per pack. I ran out so I had to get some from the local beauty supply and they were the Annie’s brand ant they were $4 per pack. The cheaper brand worked much better than the more expensive brand. Sally’s gets the side eye from me)

After getting dressed, I took down my hair and it was supper curly. I loved it. I bent over and shook out the curls and sprayed hair spray all over to hold the curls. They lasted all day and night! When I got up the next morning and brushed through my hair, I had nice waves and they lasted all week. setting my hair after curling it was a great idea and will do that method from now on.

I washed my hair about a week later. It was pretty rough after the hair spray and not wrapping it. I washed my hair with my black soap shampoo and co-washed the weave hair with Design Essentials Express Conditioner. Then I used Design Essentials HCO leave in conditioner on my whole head. I combed through and sat under the dryer to get the roots dry. After that, I used my blow dryed to dry the ends and used flexi rods to curl the hair. I, of course, had to flat iron my hair but I did not use a flat iron to style the weave because my goal is to leave this hair up until the beginning of September and then get it re installed with bangs until the beginning of next year.

I am saving up to get the hair of my dreams which is the Indique brand. The hair is going to be curly but it straightens so well. Since it is curly, I am going to have to get three packs and longer lengths. 22′, 18′ and 14′ inches which means 200+ per pack! YIKES!!! But, that hair will be my 2012 hair because I will wear than hair until there is no more hair on the tracks! FORREAL!!! I’ll come back to you with different style ideas soon.

Later Love Bugs

Yeah I know… I was supposed to leave my weave up till June but I just couldn’t. That hair was a hot nasty funky mess. It matted all up in the back to the point where I had to take scissors to it. So gross. So I took that down and sat there like, what the heck am I going to do now? I started watching youtube videos and came across this lady who whips her shea butter with water. To myself, I am like why the heck would you do that? She said that shea butter doesn’t penetrate the hair, it just sits on top of the hair. Which I believe it true. Every time I used shea butter and would wet it, I would have this greasy white film on my hair. She whips it with water so that it can penetrate the shaft which in turn, leaves her hair moisturized. I decided to whip my shea butter with aloe vera juice and water. Then I decided why not add some other oils to it so that I can just have one product to use instead of four or five. I used a few drops of each oil:
Tea Tree Oil (anti-itch)
Lavender Oil (growth)
Rose Oil (smell)
Olive Oil (just because)
I melted the shea a bit in the microwave and then mixed all the oils together and blended with my hand blender in a glass bowl. I slowly added my water (distilled) and aloe vera juice. I scrapped the butter into an old plastic container and set it in the fridge for about an hour. Then I remembered that I wanted to make my own leave-in conditioner. Since shea butter is a sealant, I figured I needed a product to seal in. I mixed equal parts of distilled water, glycerin, and aloe vera juice in a spray bottle. I use to do this mixture with tea tree oil for a braid spray. Shook it up and I was done. I used Herbal Essence conditioner and my tangle teezer to detangle my hair. Then I washed it with my black soap recipe twice. Conditioned with Design Essentials Moisture Retention conditioner and rinsed. I sprayed my leave-in mixture all over my hair then proceeded to plat my hair in what I like to call “Ms. Celiey Braids” all over using a small amount of Eco Styler Gel and my shea butter mixture. The results were beautiful and hopefully if I find my camera I can show you! lol..

I decided to get a weave after taking my tree braid style down. I must say that I really liked that style and I will do it again. I took it down Monday and had a friend from work wash and blowdry my hair. I detangled with a vanilla deep conditioner and a denman brush. I let that conditioner sit for about an hour before she rinsed me out and blow dried me.

After that, I braided my hair. Now, the hair I got was a super curly wet and wavy that was pretty close to my hair pattern when I did a two strand twist out in my hair. So I left out the sides (about an inch) and the very top. I braided everything else straight down and then braided all those braids into one big braid, then sewed that braid down.

The hair I used. Outre Premium Jerry Curl Weaving 8″ 10″ 12″ Wet and Wavy. This is a box of hair that comes with three pieces and they were 3 different lengths and a closure piece. The “BOX” deal insures that you only need one box to do an entire head.

But what they don’t tell you is that the hair is very thin on the weft. So your wefts may be long, but the hair is EXTREMLEY thin. I have used this brand of hair to do clients weaves and while I applied as much hair as possible, it still wasnt as full so I decided to get a different curl thinking that it will be fuller with tighter curls. And since I wasn’t doing my entire head, it will be okay. So I weaved my hair like normal. Not cutting the track but doing a zig zag formation all the way to the very top.

I wanted to see what it looked like straight. A HOT MESS! Since it was late, I put my hair into 4 flat twists, secured them with perm rods, and went to sleep. I woke up early because i had to wet my hair in the shower. After I wet it, I was angry! I really looked like a long Jheri Curl. FORREAL! I was thinking to myself that this was a disaster. I moused it up and realized that I blow dry hair for a living. And when you want to add volume, you push the hair opposite of where you want it to go. I got my blow dryer out, flipped my hair upside down and began to blowdry. Pulling from the root but not finger combing. After about 6 non-stop minutes of that, I flipped my hair over and it was an afro! LOL, a little better but not what I wanted.

When i got to work, after pulling out my hair to match this weave, it still seemed flat. I decided to add some volumizing spray at the root. I do this for my clients all the time but I never tried this on my hair because I have natural volume. I sprayed the product at th e roots, flipped the hair again, and repeated the blowdry process and… I LIKED IT. I thought about what I could do to make it bigger and forgot I only used 2 of the 3 wefts. I still had th e 8″. When I got home I quickly doubled the weft my had sewing it together and the folded that in half and sewed that together. In all it was 4 times its thickness whick made it easer for me to add the 8″ to the front. After that, I waited till the next morning at wet the top in the shower. This time I waited till I got to work to blowdry my hair. I used the spray and some leave-in conditioner and began to blowdry. Now at this time, my twists were still in. I figured that my natural hair didn’t need volume because all my twistouts are big. After my hair was dry, I took out my twists, and I was happy. My hair was more volumous and it was not a Jheri Curl, but a cute curly fro that resembled my natural hair in a twistout. it wasn’t what I was going for but it turned out pretty cute. Pictures are coming soon.

So I was looking on youtube to find a new style since i took my braids out early and didn’t want to so back into a braided style that required small braids. I ran across africanexport’s page and she had a real cute style that i actually thought was her own hair. I looked at the previous styles and she reveals that they are tree braids. I was like “NO WAY!!!” There were other related videos that showed how to do this style so I figured I would try it out since it is so inexpensive. I headed to the beauty supply store and bought 3 packs of Freetress Water Wave in colors 1b, 1b/27, and 1b/350. the hair was $4.99 a pack. I also got 2 bead threaders (You know those little beaders that you put beads on to put on little girls hair), and some rubber bands. I started with braiding my hair in 14 corn rows. Then, I cut the hair in half and figured out a systematic way to install this hair. I put the hair through the eye of the beader and stuck the tip of the beader through my hair. Then pulled out one side of the hair and pulled out the beader. Once I did that, I tied the hair in a knot. At first the knot didn’t stay so i was worried that they would slip out. Then I realized that this hair will tangle before it slipped out. My system went as followed:
3 pieces of hair on the first two rows (on both sides of the head)
4 pieces on the next three rows (on both sides of the head)
the 4 middle rows from the crown of my head to the nape, I applied 3 pieces to each braid
Then I added the rest of the hair to the top
I made it as full as possible so that it will resemble a curly afro type hairdo. I made sure I used every stitch of hair so that there wouldn’t be any blank spots on the top. I cut the hair into a short layered bob with side bangs. This hairstyle came out really cute and I will keep this in my library of experiments gone great. Hopefully I can keep this up for 3 weeks to a month. Knowing me, it won’t last that long! lol… but this is a great transition and protective hair style that is very inexpensive. I think that anyone can do this style, and your braids don’t even have to be perfect. Try it out and post pictures. I have got to say, this is one of the easiest styles I have come across in a long time. The style looks something like this…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Okay, So yes… I took my braids out. Not because I wanted to but because I had braids come out with my hair attatched. I wanted to give you guys a video but for some reason my computer isn’t recognizing it so I have pictures. I decided to do a roller set. Well my friend Tasha T did my roller set. I used some Moroccan Oil to pull them apart. and slicked up one side with some Hicks Edges and one of those old school combs. I’ll post more pictures as it gets older because I like the bigger look

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