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Steps to do an at home Keratin Treatment
Using Royal Keratin Brazilian Treatment from

Prices from $465.00 for the starter kit which includes 1 liter Royal Keratin Mild or Traditional treatment, 1 babyliss nano titanium flat iron (1inch or 1 1/4,1 1/2 inch plate),1 easy comb,1 set of ear protectors, 1 liter clarifying shampoo (Before shampoo), 6 moisture benefits 10 oz aftercare shampoo, 6 moisture balancing 10oz aftercare conditioner, also included free brochures, poster, certificate for salon and instructional dvd . You save $75 when purchasing this kit.

Prices for the ROYAL TRADITIONAL (Stronger) BRAZILIAN KERATIN (16 oz) and ROYAL (MILD) BRAZILIAN KERATIN (16oz) Half Liter are $135.00


Gently shampoo hair with a *clarifying shampoo
. Lather – leave on hair for 2 minutes. Rinse very well (especially the ends of long hair)


• Towel dry hair well to remove excess water. Leave hair damp.


Gloves should be worn during the application process. You are now ready to apply
the Keratin treatment.
• Shake Royal Keratin bottle and start with 1 ounce of RK solution in a bowl. Add more
if needed.
• Using a tint brush, begin applying the solution 1/2” from scalp to ends.
• Comb hair thoroughly, roots to ends, insuring that the solution is evenly distributed.
You may spritz slightly with water to help distribute product evenly through the section.
Do not over saturate. Hair should be covered with treatment -but not dripping off the
hair or head.
• Repeat this process until the entire head is complete. DO NOT RINSE OUT TREATMENT
• Wait 10 to 15 minutes before the next step.(OPTIONAL)

STEP 4: DRYING– (Fans should be used to circulate air during drying and sealing process)

Using HIGH HEAT SETTING, start blow drying treatment into the hair using a gloved
hand, paddle brush or round brush until hair is completely dry. Hair does not have to be blown super
straight (optional choice) on this step 4.

IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing burn-off (steam), move the dryer further from
hair, or reduce the heat setting on the dryer. Hair must be 100% dry before moving onto the next step.

STEP 5: SEALING-IN TREATMENT (Fans help keep steam away from clients and
stylist face)

VERY IMPORANT: Select appropriate flat iron temperature below:
450 degrees Fahrenheit (232 degrees Celsius) for normal hair.
430 degrees Fahrenheit (221 degrees Celsius) for fine hair
350 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit (177 – 204 Celsius) for ethnic virgin hair,
fragile relaxed, or over-bleached hair
• Starting at the nape of the neck (we recommend a heat resistant *EasyComb)
part hair into 1/8 to 1/2 inch sections.
• Using a *Nano Titanium Flat Iron, move the iron slowly from scalp to ends,
assuring that the ends are smooth and straight.
• Go over each section 7 – 10 times sealing keratin into the cuticle…
• Processed section should be looking sleek and silky at this point.
• Repeat this method with all sections of the hair until hair is silky and shiny
• Use the flat iron to style hair for height and shape in the direction desired.
When working with fine, ethnic virgin hair, fragile relaxed or over-bleached hair,
lower the heat and only
go over each section 4 – 6 times.


• Do not wash hair for 1 – 2 days. (24 hours for Traditional Treatment,
48 hours for Royal Treatment)
• Avoid getting moisture in the hair after treatment and before shampooing.
If hair gets wet, blow dry and go ove
r hair with the flat iron.(moisture in the hair before shampooing effects the
longevity of BKT)


• Wash hair only with *Sodium Chloride-free Shampoo
• Sleeping/Using a satin pillow case at bedtime will keep hair silky and shiny longer.
down the bond of the Keratin if applied AFTER the treatment has been done.

Sodium Hydroxide and Thio based Relaxers – Recommended on re-growth only,
if client has Keratin treatment in their hair.
Bleach – Recommend doing whole-head highlights prior to treatment
Hydrogen Peroxide – Use on re-growth only
Ammonia – Use ammonia-free on Keratin treated hair
Sodium Chloride – Use *sodium chloride-free shampoo

On SENSITIVE SCALPS, chemical services such as colors, relaxers, highlights, etc. should be completed 24 to 48 hours prior to applying Keratin treatment. Please note (OPTIONAL) on resistant virgin hair or very resistant curly hair a mild relaxing treatment or a re-texturizer (Rusk Anti-Curl,Iso Manetamer etc.) may be needed prior to application of Brazilian Keratin Treatment. This will help achieve a better straightening effect. This is to open the cuticle of the hair. This will prevent the curl from coming back so quickly on those hair types. You can also choose to use the stronger version of our treatment called Traditional Royal Keratin Treatment .Any color, highlights, or relaxer services CAN be done on the day or days BEFORE you do the treatment- also chemical services must done BEFORE you start treatment. Do not mix anything with treatment solution. Treatment should be applied in a well ventilated area. Fans are recommended for air circulation


Dangers of Keratin treatments
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If you regularly use a flat iron to straighten your hair and create a smooth, glossy appearance, you might be a good candidate for a professional hair straightening treatment such as the Brazilian keratin treatment.

Keratin hair straightening treatments are currently available at hundreds of professional hair salons around the United States, and are one of the emerging trends in the beauty and salon industry. However, there is ongoing controversy over whether chemical hair straightening treatments are healthy for your hair and scalp. Here’s a close look at some of the potential risks and dangers associated with keratin hair straightening treatments.

What Are Keratin Hair Straightening Treatments?

Brazilian keratin hair straightening treatments are chemical-based procedures and promise to transform frizzy and unruly hair into straight and silky hair after just a single treatment. Results are temporary, but you can save time flat-ironing your hair each morning by undergoing regular keratin hair straightening treatments.

In order for the straightening process to work, an active keratin solution must be applied to the hair and fused into the hair with a flat iron. The flat iron is typically heated to temperature of over 400 degrees Fahrenheit to lock in and seal the keratin solution into the hair follicle. The keratin solution seals in moisture and leaves the hair looking smooth, silky and shiny.

Keratin hair straightening treatments last about two to five months depending on the health and state of the hair, and are best performed on hair that has already been chemically treated.

Potential Dangers Associated with Keratin Hair Straightening Treatments

While the Brazilian hair straightening process seems harmless enough, there are some things to consider before undergoing treatment. The keratin solution applied to the hair contains formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. When formaldehyde is applied to the hair and scalp, you will inhale a significant amount of toxic fumes.

Many keratin solutions also contain sulfur, a compound that helps the keratin bond to the hair effectively.
There is still a lot of controversy over whether chemical hair straightening methods are safe for your hair, scalp and overall health. All types of chemical processing treatments leave your hair dry, brittle and coarse, so it’s important to use moisture-infusing products between treatments, avoid swimming pools and refrain from using hair products that contain sodium chloride as these can further damage the hair.

Overall, keratin hair straightening treatments are relatively safe, and the only real health hazard is associated with the inhalation of the fumes when the keratin solution is being applied. Still, if you want to maintain the integrity of your hair for the long-term, it’s important to protect the hair from damage between treatments and avoid more than two or three straightening treatments per year.

Keratin FAQ’S
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*I am not promoting keratin or any other chemical treatment. I believe that your hair is exactly that, YOUR HAIR. Do what you please to make yourself happy:)

1. Can you do the treatment over Japanese straightening?
Yes. You can do the treatment over any kind of straightening.

2. Is this treatment a relaxer ?
No. It is a treatment based of keratin that naturally straightens your hair.

3. Can you do the treatment after coloring?
Yes. For better results we recommend only after you color your hair.

4. Can you do the treatment on top of relaxed hair?
Yes. You can do the treatment over any previously relaxed hair.

5. Can you do the treatment on previously chemically treated hair?
Yes. You can do the treatment over any chemical.

6. Can you do the treatment on highlighted hair?
Yes. You can do the highlights and do the treatment right after.

7. Can you do on virgin hair?
Yes. But it wont last as long as a previously colored or chemically treated hair.

8. Can you do the treatment on children, if yes, what ages?
Yes. We recommend on children 6 and over.

9. Can I color my hair and do the treatment?
Yes. We recommend you color the hair first.

10. Can I color my hair after the treatment?
Yes. We recommend to do so only 2 weeks after you have done the treatment.

11. Can I wash my hair after the treatment, and when?
Yes, but only 4 whole days after you have done the treatment.

12. Can I wear a ponytail or tie my hair?
No, only 4 days after doing the treatment.

13. What should I do if my hair gets wet during the first 4 days?
Blow dry immediately.

14. Can I go into the pool or ocean after the treatment?

15. How long will the treatment stay on my hair?
2 months on virgin hair, and 3-4 on any other type of hair.

16. What shampoo can I use after doing the treatment?
We recommend our shampoo, because it does not contain Sodium Chloride, and it also has Keratin and UV protection.

17. Do I have to do touch-ups on my next visit or the whole head?
The whole head.

18. When should I have the treatment done again?
3 months or as needed.

19. Can I do the treatment every month?

20. Should I cut my hair before the treatment?
No. we recommend cutting your hair afterwards, so this way you can trim the dead ends at the end of the treatment.

21. Can I use any hair-spray, gel, mousse, or any other hair products on my hair during the 4 day period?

22. If I get any ridges in my hair when I sleep, what should I do?
Use either a blow dryer or flat iron to straighten out the ridge in the hair.

23. Can I do the treatment while pregnant or nursing ?
It is not recommended by the FDA.

24. Can a infant be present while the treatment its being done?
No. Because the smell may irritate the child.

What is Keratin?
Keratin is an extremely strong protein which is a major component in skin, hair, nails, hooves, horns, and teeth. The amino acids which combine to form keratin have several unique properties, and depending on the levels of the various amino acids, keratin can be inflexible and hard, like hooves, or soft, as is the case with skin. Most of the keratin that people interact with is actually dead; hair, skin, and nails are all formed from dead cells which the body sheds as new cells push up from underneath. If the dead cells are kept in good condition, they will serve as an insulating layer to protect the delicate new keratin below them.

Keratin is difficult to dissolve, because it contains cysteine disulfide, which means that it is able to form disulfide bridges. These disulfide bridges create a helix shape that is extremely strong, as sulfur atoms bond to each other from across the helix, creating a fibrous matrix which is not readily soluble. Depending on how much cysteine disulfide keratin contains, the bond can be extremely strong to make hard cells like those found in hooves, or it can be softer to make flexible keratin like hair and skin. Because of the high levels of sulfur in keratin, when it is burned it emits a distinct sulfurous odor which some people find distasteful.

Keratin is formed by keratinocytes, living cells which make up a large part of skin, hair, nails, and other keratin containing parts of the body. The cells slowly push their way upwards, eventually dying and forming a protective layer of cells.Thousands of these cells are shed every day, and the process can be accelerated by various medical conditions, such as psoriasis. Damage to the external layer of keratin can cause skin, hair, and nails to look unhealthy or flaky. Hair and nails on humans especially tend to become dry and brittle, because the dead keratin is being pushed to great lengths. By eating foods like gelatin and keeping hair and nails moist, they can be grown out while still remaining healthy. In general, the thicker the layer of keratin, the healthier the hair or nail is, because the dead cells outside protect the living cells at the core. Keeping the external layer of keratin moisturized will also keep it healthy and prevent cracking and splitting, whether the keratin is forming the hooves of a horse of the skin of a human. The curls will typically return within three months but the hair will remain softer and more manageable. Some brands of keratin shampoo contain formaldehyde. If it is absorbed into the skin, it may induce cancer. This means that the hair is stronger, more resistant to damage, and often more manageable. Keratin conditioner also helps to repair hair that is already damaged and helps reduce breakage in the hair.

Keratin Complex Treatment
With the combination of harmful effects of the sun, the damaging heat styling tools, and the pollution in the air, it is no wonder that our hair continually suffers damage. That damage manifests itself in hair that is dry, dull, frizzy, and broken. Along with the constant impact of damaging elements, we are always in search of cures. The image of beautiful hair involves several elements. Beautiful hair is shiny, smooth, whole, and healthy. This is where Keratin Complex can help you. If you have tried hundreds of different products but have never been able to obtain truly beautiful hair, then this is the product for you.

How does this product work? It is actually twofold. If you choose this process to make your hair healthier and more beautiful, you will begin with a treatment done by a professional. This treatment will immediately provide your hair with the healing it needs. You hair will be softer and smoother as well as shinier and stronger. The treatment will last several months. During this time, you will need to employ Keratin Complex step two, which entails the use of specialty shampoos, conditioners, and finishing serums to maintain the effects of the treatment. What exactly does it do? The treatment and the products work, very simply, by putting Keratin into your hair, strand by strand. This substance makes hair shinier and stronger. The products to use in maintenance help by keeping the healthy hair.

When you go through the treatment, your hair is immediately transformed. You will see the difference when you walk away from the salon, and you will be happy with your shiny and healthy hair. Where can I find Keratin Complex products? For the treatment, you will need to go to your favorite salon. Just make sure you find out if they offer the treatment. The salon process will take an hour or two, and then you will just need to maintain it.

The products that you will want to use are available from your salon as well as online. You can choose from a wide array of specialty shampoos, conditioners, and serums so that your newly healthy hair can maintain its beauty. No matter what shape your hair may be in, you can definitely see improvement by using Keratin Complex. Once you have the treatment done, you will know what truly healthy, strong and beautiful hair really is. You will love your hair and you will be the envy or your friends!

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