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Never separate your hair like a wishbone.

This is just asking for a big snarl. It is in the nature of our hair to tangle. Our curls are the exact same shape nature uses for plants when they need to grasp onto something, like pea tendrils. You always have to keep this in mind, every time you touch your hair. Otherwise you will constantly be cutting knots out of your hair and cursing at it. Always work from the ends. If they aren’t clear, then nothing will move beyond them. They will just create a big log jam of snarling. With the techniques I go over here (and in the book), your need to ever separate your hair in the first place will be cut to a minimum.

When you do need to separate your hair, like when dividing it into smaller sections for combing, it’s good to first comb your ends when they are wet and loaded with conditioner. Then hold the hair you want to separate lightly in one hand. With your other hand, very gently pull one section out from the remaining section.

I’ve found that half the battle with combing my hair is often just dividing it into more manageable sections. In this video I show how I section my hair into smaller sections for combing. It may look like I’m stretching and pulling my hair as I divide, but actually, I’m not. Because my hair is so wet and slippery with conditioner, the sections usually slide apart so long as I’m very gentle.


How to detangle after extensions

After removing your braids, you will have some tangles that you have to work through before you can wash and condition your hair. Some of us have the pleasure of an assistant to help us remove extensions or weaves. But for the rest of us, we are all by ourselves. If you had assistance, have the person who helped you remove your braids stick around to help you detangle your hair.
1. You will need some Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the grocery store. Spray or sprinkle your hair very lightly with water, and add a generous amount of oil to your hair, ensuring that your roots and scalp are saturated.
2. Put on a conditioning cap and sit under your hood dryer for 20 minutes. Alternatively, wrap your hair in a towel and allow oil to sit for an hour or longer. For best results, sit under the dryer for 20 minutes, wrap your hair and a towel and let oil remain to soak into your hair and scalp for an hour or longer.
3. Gently section your hair off into small manageable sections. Most will need at least 8 sections. Clip off each section with a butterfly clip, bob pin, or whatever you have handy.
4. Release the first section. Run your fingers through the hair several times to release any large tangles. If there is any matting add extra oil and a sprinkle of water to further soften and prepare the hair. Take a large tooth comb (such as the Jilbere shower comb) and hold a small subsection of the section with your fists allowing the ends to hang loose. Gently comb the loose ends.
5. Gradually work your way up towards the roots. Be careful not to tear at the hair or break the hair. Use a light touch.
6. Work your way through each section. If you get tired or frustrated, take a break before you continue.
7. Wash the hair with a clarifying shampoo and use a deep conditioner to restore hairs moisture.

How to detangle afro textured hair

Natural African American hair is one of the most fragile types of hair there is. A misconception is that because of its coils, and kinks, it is not as susceptible to breakage. This is untrue, with natural hair you need to be very cautious when detangling. Because of its coil shapes, natural oils don’t always make it down the entire hair shaft, which means less nutrients, more breakage, and weak hair. Unintentional breakage can be avoided by properly detangling your hair.
NOTE: The best combs to use for combing out your hair in the shower are the Jilbere shower comb, K Cutter comb, wide tooth bone combs, or any seamless wide tooth comb.
1. Shampoo your hair
2. DO NOT pile hair on top of your head while shampooing. This will only cause MORE tangles and breakage
3. Next, add conditioner to your hair just as you normally would and make sure that your hair is COMPLETELY saturated with conditioner. While the conditioner is in your hair, take a wide tooth/shower comb and part your hair into four or more braided/twisted sections.
4. Leave one of the sections unbraided, take your wide tooth/shower comb and comb hair from ends to roots. DO NOT COMB FROM ROOTS TO TIPS!!! That will result in MAJOR breakage!! If you come across a really nasty tangle, the best thing to try to do is to try to untangle it with your fingers. That will prevent breakage. You can split each section into subsections for better management.
5. Repeat step 3 on all sections by unbraiding and combing from ends to roots. If your hair starts to dry [which it might, depending on how long you take] you can re-wet it.
6. Once all sections are detangled, feel free to unbraid the sections(if you want to) and rinse out the conditioner.

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