Faith Amour Hair Care

Caring for Grey Hair

Posted on: August 30, 2012

Grey hair is no longer synonymous with old and matronly. Whether snow white, partially grey, or silvery streaks, grey hair is making its mark in the world of beauty and fashion. If you want to keep your grey, try to use a hair shampoo and conditioner that is targeted especially for grey hair. Grey hair can look yellow or greenish on some people. To neutralize the yellow color and leave your hair shiny and beautiful, try using a greying shampoo that contains a violet based color, instead of your usual shampoo. But don’t overdo it! Many of these products can leave a purplish or blue cast. When hair turns grey, the protective cuticle thins out, which can make strands coarse and prone to breakage, because there are few natural oils in our hair. Keep tresses soft and healthy by doing the following:

• Choose a moisturizing shampoo to soften and smooth grey hair and make it appear more lustrous.
• Wash hair with a formula geared for grey hair once a week to counteract yellowing caused by sun, pollutants, hard water, and smoke. Try AVEDA Blue Malva Shampoo & Conditioner for Gray Hair, Clairol Shimmering Lights, or Jhirmack Silver Brightening.
• Leave-in conditioners and moisturizers will soften coarseness.
• Apply a clear gloss or glaze monthly on grey hair to coat the cuticle and boost shine.
• Opt for gels and mousses that are clear: The dyes in colored style products can tarnish grey hair. Check out Ouidad Clear Control, AVEDA Witch Hazel Light Control Holding Spray, or Paul Mitchell Illuminating Shine Spray.
• Avoid excessive use of heat from curling or flat irons as this may cause hair to become yellowed or brassy looking.
• Deep condition the hair regularly with moisturizing conditioners to help maintain optimum moisture levels. Many moisture products contain ingredients like spirulina, algae extract, jojoba, avocado, safflower, lecithin, or bee pollen/honey.
• Maintain a protein-rich diet to help fortify and protect thinning or weak hair and look for hair…


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