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How to Solve Your Soft or Hard Water Problems

Posted on: August 16, 2012

For many people, having hard water or soft water isn’t a choice, it’s just a matter of what comes out of the tap. Determining what kind of water you have is important for taking better care of your hair and allowing you to make the appropriate adjustments to avoid an oily or dry and flaky scalp each time you hop in the shower.

Soft Water
Soft water is water that lacks magnesium and calcium, or possesses only very low levels of it. It can be soothing to bathe in, but rinsing with it will make you feel like you still have a layer of soap on your skin.

Hard Water
Hard water, on the other hand, has large amounts of calcium and magnesium. These minerals can dry out your skin and hair and leave it with a rough texture. Your shower drain will also likely develop calcium buildup.

Effects of Soft Water
Soft water is usually pretty easy to identify. It feels physically soft on your skin and might even have a slimy or silky texture. When used to wash hair, the shampoo will feel like it hasn’t been rinsed out all the way. It can also make your hair feel oily and unclean even right after you washed it. Hair washed with soft water will have little to no volume and fall flat on your head.

Effects of Hard Water
Hard water dries out your hair and leaves it feeling dull, lifeless and heavy. Any hair treatments you have like a perm or dye will fade and relax much faster than they should when hair is washed in hard water. You may also notice a dry, flaky scalp, hair breakage and hair thinning due to blockage at the follicles.

Getting rid of soft water or hard water requires different tactics, but the premise is the same: either you alter your water or perform extra treatments to your hair to counteract the state of your water. If your water is too hard, purchase a water softener. If your water is too soft, add chemical supplements to the water you use to attain the right balance. Otherwise, you can use an extra clarifying shampoo and nourishing and moisturizing conditioner to restore health to your scalp and life to your hair.


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