Faith Amour Hair Care

The Wishbone

Posted on: May 15, 2012

Never separate your hair like a wishbone.

This is just asking for a big snarl. It is in the nature of our hair to tangle. Our curls are the exact same shape nature uses for plants when they need to grasp onto something, like pea tendrils. You always have to keep this in mind, every time you touch your hair. Otherwise you will constantly be cutting knots out of your hair and cursing at it. Always work from the ends. If they aren’t clear, then nothing will move beyond them. They will just create a big log jam of snarling. With the techniques I go over here (and in the book), your need to ever separate your hair in the first place will be cut to a minimum.

When you do need to separate your hair, like when dividing it into smaller sections for combing, it’s good to first comb your ends when they are wet and loaded with conditioner. Then hold the hair you want to separate lightly in one hand. With your other hand, very gently pull one section out from the remaining section.

I’ve found that half the battle with combing my hair is often just dividing it into more manageable sections. In this video I show how I section my hair into smaller sections for combing. It may look like I’m stretching and pulling my hair as I divide, but actually, I’m not. Because my hair is so wet and slippery with conditioner, the sections usually slide apart so long as I’m very gentle.


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