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Have you heard about hair steaming? It is all the rage in the hair care world.

What is hair steaming? It is a method of deep conditioning that leaves hair more moisturized and softer. It is also said to help hair grow faster.

Steaming opens up the scalp follicles and hair cuticle to allow deeper penetration of your conditioners and treatments. When steam is applied to the hair, it opens up the hair shaft to allow moisture into the hair which helps to stop dryness and breakage. It is also said that when the scalp follicles are opened by the steam, the hair will grow faster.

To use this method you should wash your hair and apply your conditioner. Cover with a wet towel and plastic cap and sit under a steamer. If you don’t have a steamer, you can still steam by covering with a hot towel and cover the hot towel with a plastic cap. I used to boil water with rosemary and lean my head over for as long as I can stand it. That way, I get a facial and hair mask all at the same time.

Conditioners like Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and Organix Conditioners work well with steaming because they are filled with ingredients that promote healthy hair, yet are mineral oil and petroleum free. This means that you will you will get the most penetration and benefits from the conditioner.

Try it the next time you condition for healthier, softer, more moisturied hair.

hair steamer


Never separate your hair like a wishbone.

This is just asking for a big snarl. It is in the nature of our hair to tangle. Our curls are the exact same shape nature uses for plants when they need to grasp onto something, like pea tendrils. You always have to keep this in mind, every time you touch your hair. Otherwise you will constantly be cutting knots out of your hair and cursing at it. Always work from the ends. If they aren’t clear, then nothing will move beyond them. They will just create a big log jam of snarling. With the techniques I go over here (and in the book), your need to ever separate your hair in the first place will be cut to a minimum.

When you do need to separate your hair, like when dividing it into smaller sections for combing, it’s good to first comb your ends when they are wet and loaded with conditioner. Then hold the hair you want to separate lightly in one hand. With your other hand, very gently pull one section out from the remaining section.

I’ve found that half the battle with combing my hair is often just dividing it into more manageable sections. In this video I show how I section my hair into smaller sections for combing. It may look like I’m stretching and pulling my hair as I divide, but actually, I’m not. Because my hair is so wet and slippery with conditioner, the sections usually slide apart so long as I’m very gentle.

So, you are thinking about transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair. A tough decision I know. When I transitioned years ago, unfortunately I didn’t have any tips of tricks. The only reason I decided to go natural is because relaxers didn’t really straighten my hair that well and I was tired of it being chin length. Is there a right or wrong answer to transitioning? Not really, but I do know of some tips that will make it a little easier.

THINK LONG AND HARD- Let’s face it, going natural is a major decision. It can affect your social life, family and friends may change, and let’s not forget, it may affect our jobs. This task for not for the weak at heart. There are so many stereotypes surrounding women who decide to go back to their roots and love themselves for how God made them instead of making themselves look like the media and how society wants them to look.

LOOK AT STYLES- There are now a ton of pictures on natural hair styles on the net. Take some time out and pic out some pictures of how your hair will look once it is in its natural state. Now, it will be easier if you know your hair type but if you have a relaxer, how are you to know?!?!?

BRAIDS, WIGS, WEAVES, OR BIG CHOP?- There are many ways to transition. I did kinky twists for the first 2 years and this was before I decided to go natural. It wasn’t until I took out those braids and realized how long the curly hair was vs. the straight so, one day I just washed and wet my hair and cut off all the straight pieces. I discovered weaves and wigs years later and used them as one of my protective styles. They worked great in the winter months to protect my hair from the elements in the air.

YOUTUBE!- My hairs best friend is YouTube. I have learned more than I can imagine watching Youtube Gurus like AfricanExport and KimmyTube. Most of them have tried it all and they give their honest opinion and feedback on products, styles, and tutorials. I actually mimicked a leave in conditioner recipe from KimmyTube that worked on my hair texture as well as my mothers, sisters, and friends. I’ll post some great videos soon.

BUILD A REGIMEN- It’s better to start your regimen sooner than later because that way you will get more accustomed to the practice. Start researching products that work best with your hair. If you don’t know, trial and error is the best way to find out. It took me 3 years to figure out what exactly works on my hair and for my hair texture. Everyone’s needs are different based on climate, age, hormones, genes, and texture. I started with the basics and it adapted from there:

1. Co-Wash twice a week with a cheap conditioner to keep the moisture level in my hair. I may do this more often in dryer months and less often depending on the style at the time. I use Herbal Essence Hello Hydration or Organix Moroccan Oil Conditioner
*I usually finger detangle and set in a protective style such as braids or twists after a co wash. Sometimes I co wash my hair with the twists or braids in my hair if I plan on doing a braid or twist out during the weekend.

2. Deep Condition at least once a week. I always do this unless I have braided extensions in. I deep condition with a protein base deep conditioner because your hair needs a mixture of protein and moisture. Some need more protein and some need more moisture. You have to figure out which one your hair need most. I use Organix Protein Deep Conditioner and detangle with a wide tooth comb in the shower. After it is detangled, I place a plastic cap over my hair and do laundry or cook or what ever for however long I feel like having it on my hair! One time I went running and it was actually the best deep condition ever!

3. Moisturize your hair by using leave in conditioners to moisturize in between washes and co washes. Now the one I use I got from KimmyTube and I tweaked it for my hair.

1 part distilled water (moisture)
1 part aloe vera juice (moisture)
1 part glycerin (softener)
1 part Infusium 23 (Protein)
Mix in a spray bottle and shake. Use when you feel your hair is dry. if you like your mixture to be more of a creamy consistency, use Kinky Curly Knot Today.

4. Seal it up. I seal my hair with a Shea butter mix. I mixed shea butter with essential oils such as tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and extra virgin olive oil, and mixed in a few carrier oils such as hemp seed oil and grape seed oil. i warmed them up and mixed them all together in a glass bowl. I use this after I moisturize to seal it in.

I braided and twisted my hair to achieve this updo style

Rolled and Pinned!

Half Kinky and Half Cornrows

Tons of color

My favorite protective style is Kinky Twists!!! They are fun, versatile, and easy to take out, which is my favorite part! LOL. Here are a few pictures of how I wore my twists. This is also how I grew out my relaxer and occasionally when I need a break from my natural hair, I will go back to this style over and over.

long natural hair
Tips on How to Grow Black Hair

Here are the top five things you should do to see longer hair growth.

Make Your Hair Healthy
• Healthy hair is growing hair. If your hair isn’t in the best shape it can be, you’re robbing yourself of length.
• Damaged hair must be repaired before you can see the rewards from your hair growth regimen.
• Cut off all split and broken ends and do protein treatments to get your hair ready for the growth stage.

Deep Condition with Heat
• Moisture is the most important thing for healthy hair. It’s what keeps your hair flexible and builds elasticity into your strands.
• The more flexible your hair is, the less likely it is to break through combing and styling.
• Use heat and a plastic cap to help your moisturizing treatments penetrate your hair. This makes your conditioners ten times more effective which gives you faster results.

Dust Your Ends
• Trimming keeps split ends away but it also makes your hair shorter.
• Dusting is a micro trimming technique that stops split ends before they even start.
• Take 1/8th of an inch or less off the ends of your hair every couple of months, to prevent splits and tears from traveling up the length.
• If your hair is already healthy, dusting is excellent for keeping it that way.

Throw Away Your Hot Tools
• The direct heat from hair tools like blow dryers, flat and curling irons cause the most damage to your hair.
• Frying your hair daily with hot tools singes your ends, thins them out and encourages breakage and split ends.
• Use gentle or no heat styling techniques like wet sets with a bonnet dryer or air drying to keep your hair healthy and growing strong.

Use Seamless Combs
• Plastic combs have ridges on the seam that shred and tear your hair over time causing split ends and damage.
• Use seamless bone combs to help your hair grow faster and healthier. The smoothness of the combs surface doesn’t catch hairs and pull them out. Less split ends and damage mean more length for you.


As many people know,I am a licensed esthetician and I am a MAC makeup artist. I have been doing makeup professionally for 6 years and I love making people feel good about themselves. I think I am going to add a new addition to my blog postings about the latest trends in makeup, doing my makeup, before and afters, and also my recommendations. Let me know if this will be helpful for you.

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