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You’re Killing Your Curls

Posted on: April 23, 2012

Stop hurting your curls

Though our hair seems so headstrong and thick, and mine tears up a cheap comb, the individual strands of hair are gossamer thin and delicate. They are damaged easily, and break off when damaged. Your hair won’t grow when damaged. If you can eliminate all the ways your hair is damaged, then it will grow to its maximum length (as long as your health is okay). Some things that damage our hair the most:

Relaxing or straightening.
Anything that involves sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide. These are the same chemicals in hair depilatories. The only difference is the hair removers are left on a bit longer. This is why they also work so well as drain openers; they eat up everything in their path. I spent most of my life applying these chemicals to my hair because I thought it would make my hair more manageable. I walked around with scabs all over my head because of how severe they were, yet could not for the life of me figure out why my hair wouldn’t grow.

Cooking your hair.
Anything that would blister your skin doesn’t feel so great on your hair either. Flat irons can actually melt the cuticles of your hair. Curling irons as well as flat irons can boil the water within your wet hair and make little bubbles within the shaft. Your hair will break off at these bubbles. A mild and careful blow-drying, especially with a diffuser should be okay, provided the heat isn’t too high, and you don’t concentrate the heat on any one spot.

Rough combing
Ripping a comb or brush through your tight curls will not only hurt, but it will damage your cuticles and stretch your hair through the force used to get the comb through. If your hair is stretched too far, it will break.


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