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Vitamin A

Posted on: September 23, 2011

Vitamin A

In order to make sure that one’s hair grows for a long period of time it helps to be sure that a person has plenty of Vitamin A in one’s diet. Vitamin A is a useful vitamin that can come from many different sources for one’s needs.

Vitamin A Protects Hair Roots
The lubrication of hair roots is important for hair growth needs. This is due to how hair roots are going to need to be able to keep from becoming too dry to where hair cannot be well supported. Having plenty of Vitamin A in one’s diet can work to help with making sure that the roots are moist enough to support hair follicles.

In addition to this when the roots are supported they will be able to continue to be active. If roots are dormant in their qualities they will end up causing hair loss if they are not treated properly.

Vitamin Can Protect Hair Nerve Fibers
The nerves in the scalp should be protected so that proper signals can be sent to the scalp to get it to produce more hair. Vitamin A is known to work to protect nerve fibers by building up around them to create protective layers that help to keep them from being damaged. This in turn can help to get hair growth to work properly.

What Foods Feature Vitamin A?
There are many types of foods that contain Vitamin A with the most notable coming from dairy products. Cheese and milk are known to contain high levels of Vitamin A for one’s diet. Beef liver can also help.

For those who are on vegetarian or vegan diets it helps to know that many vegetables can provide the body with this vitamin. Carrots, broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes and pumpkin are among the best vegetables to use here.

How Much Vitamin A Is Needed?
In order to keep hair growth at a healthy level it will help to stick to having a small level of Vitamin A each day. 1000mcg is best for a man while 800mcg can work for a woman. Having too much can cause hair loss. This is especially important to see because of how the body does not break down Vitamin A as easily as it can wither other vitamins.

It is best to see how Vitamin A can work for one’s hair growth needs. This vitamin can work to protect hair roots and the growth levels of hair. It will be best to make sure that this vitamin is not overdone though.


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