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Healthy Hair in the Winter

Posted on: September 16, 2011

Good nutrition and proper hydration is the key to healthy natural hair care in the cold winter months. Hair, just like skin, dries out due to the lack of water.

Freezing cold temperatures, excessive winds and snow all wreak havoc on hair. Seasons change and so does the moisture levels in the air which in turn affect hair. Central heating can also adversely affect hair in the winter months. Winterizing hair is important in maintaining that healthy glow.

Hair Nutrition
Nutrition is important to the skin, nails and hair in any climate, but especially in the cold winter months. Essential fatty acids, as found in cold-water fish, extra virgin olive oil, flax oil or supplements such as primrose or borage oils, provide natural “waterproofing”. If essential fatty acid (EFA) levels are low, hair gets dry. A key indicator that this is happening to the hair is inspecting the skin. If the appearance of “alligator shins” can be seen on the skin then there is an EFA deficiency in the body. Therefore, hair breakage will increase as well as frizzy hair. At this point the damage is done.

Hair contains protein. A diet that’s low in protein can cause thinning and an unhealthy look. Lecithin and soy are proven to be essential for healthy hair.

Adding Moisture
Hair vitamins may sound silly, but they work much better in restoring hair moisture than the usual store bought products that contain chemicals.

Moisture can be added by using a simple product – olive oil. Once or twice a week warm up some olive oil and massage it into the hair. Let it sit on the hair for no more than five minutes then wash hair as usual.

Natural Conditioners
Jojoba Oil

20 ml rose floral water

10ml jojoba

10 drops vitamin E oil

Gently warm rose water and add in jojoba oil. Add the vitamin E and mix well. Wet hair with warm water. Massage conditioner onto hair and scalp. Leave on for several minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water then shampoo as usual.

Clover Honey Conditioner

Wet hair with warm water, then massage half a cup of pure clover honey into hair. Work it through to the ends. Cover your hair with a plastic bathing cap or towel. Leave the conditioner on for at least 20 minutes then shampoo as usual.

Olive Oil and Safflower Oil

Use olive oil as a natural anti-frizz hair product. Mix 50ml of light olive oil with 30-40 drops of a scented oil of your choice. Mix well before each use. Take a small amount and spread throughout the ends of hair.

Safflower oil will create shine and moisten the hair. A few drops in your hand, rub the oil around and apply onto hair.

Winter Hair Tips
Dry hair thoroughly (preferably air drying, not blow drying) before going outdoors. Wet hair in cold temperatures turns into frozen hair. Frozen hair will lead to breakage.
Cover damp hair if being exposed to the elements. Most styling products contain water and they will freeze once outside.
Shampoo less if there is excessive hair breakage. A good indicator of excessive hair breakage is to look in the drain. It’s common for hair to break off more due to the dry winter months. Maintain natural oils by washing less. Washing only once or twice a week is recommended in maintaining natural oils on the scalp and in the hair.
Wear a hat. Hats protect the hair and they can be fashionable.
Regular oil treatments, preferably natural oil treatments are effective in helping to re-hydrate hair from heating systems and wintery conditions.
Additional Healthy Hair Tips
cut back or quit smoking
reduce caffeine and carbonated drinks as they weaken hair growth
avoid use of hot water, hot blow dryers and other hot hair care tools
have a weekly scalp massage to stimulate follicles
trim hair regularly
A healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and regular moisurizing helps in keeping hair healthy in the winter and throughout the year.

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