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Vitamin B5

Posted on: August 17, 2011

Vitamin b5

Vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid as it is scientifically known, is one of the most useful vitamins to use when it comes to growing one’s hair. Vitamin B5 is a vitamin that can work to help with various processes in the body that are used to help to promote hair growth. It can also work to help with influencing the color of one’s hair.

Vitamin B5 Boosts Metabolism In The Scalp
An important part of Vitamin B5 comes from how it works to works to improve the body’s ability to release energy. When this is done the body can metabolize at a faster level. This is used to help with keeping fats from building up. This is a necessity in that this will work to help with improving blood flow in the scalp.

Vitamin B5 Improves Hair Thickness
Vitamin B5 is able capable to work to help with supporting hair growth in that it can get hairs to become thicker on the scalp. The vitamin can help to increase the diameter levels of follicles.

Vitamin B5 Improves Hair Color
In addition to getting hair to grow properly Vitamin B5 can also work to help with working to make hair brighter in color. The vitamin will keep oils from developing in the scalp at a fast rate and will also help to keep wrinkles from developing in the area. As a result of this hair will not become gray or white.

Foods That Have Vitamin B5
There are a number of helpful vitamins to check out with regards to this vitamin for hair growth. Some meats have plenty of this vitamin but fish products are by far the most useful ones to see with regards to Vitamin B5. Chicken eggs and any edible animal organs can also contain plenty of this vitamin. Whole grains and nuts also contain plenty of this vitamin.

A Quick Word of Caution
Despite the benefits of Vitamin B5 it should be noted that an excessive amount of this vitamin can impact the flow of nitric oxide in the blood. When this happens blood flow can be inhibited and hair can begin to fall out due to a lack of blood flow in the scalp. Therefore it will help to stay close to the recommended intake of four to seven milligrams of this vitamin each day.

Be sure to take a look at these things with regards to Vitamin B5. When the right amount of this vitamin is handled it can work to promote hair growth and to make one’s hair look its best at the same time.


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