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Posted on: July 6, 2011

Hello all. I have been away for a while do to getting married and moving so I haven’t been posting as often but I am back to do a new hair story.

I took down my previous hair style on June 1st. I was rocking my natural hair in two strand twists and Afro puffs until the 17th of June which is when my stylist Briana A. did my weave for my wedding. I chose to use Indiremy by Bobbi Boss because I have used that hair in the past and I have several clients that use this brand and have been using the same hair for the last 4 installs which would be over a years worth of use. The wefts are thick so you always get a great result with minimal shedding.

The way I do a weave to preserve the weft-ed hair is by using the fold over method. I sew down a row and instead of cutting it at the end, I double knot it and fold the hair over to repeat the process. My hair dresser wasn’t familiar with this method but I knew it would still turn out good. I also had a center part so that made things easier.

I bought the hair online at because it was $20 cheaper per pack than to buy it at my local beauty supply using my professional discount. I bought a 16′, a 14′ and I had a 12′ and a 10′ from a previous install. I wanted all 4 packs of hair in my head but it wasn’t possible. We finished off with about 3 1/4 packs which was fine for me.

For the wedding, Briana curled my hair with the flat iron so i had big ringlets. Then after that, we set my hair with purple flexi rods.
(SIDE NOTE: I bought some flexi rods from Sally’s and they were $10 per pack. I ran out so I had to get some from the local beauty supply and they were the Annie’s brand ant they were $4 per pack. The cheaper brand worked much better than the more expensive brand. Sally’s gets the side eye from me)

After getting dressed, I took down my hair and it was supper curly. I loved it. I bent over and shook out the curls and sprayed hair spray all over to hold the curls. They lasted all day and night! When I got up the next morning and brushed through my hair, I had nice waves and they lasted all week. setting my hair after curling it was a great idea and will do that method from now on.

I washed my hair about a week later. It was pretty rough after the hair spray and not wrapping it. I washed my hair with my black soap shampoo and co-washed the weave hair with Design Essentials Express Conditioner. Then I used Design Essentials HCO leave in conditioner on my whole head. I combed through and sat under the dryer to get the roots dry. After that, I used my blow dryed to dry the ends and used flexi rods to curl the hair. I, of course, had to flat iron my hair but I did not use a flat iron to style the weave because my goal is to leave this hair up until the beginning of September and then get it re installed with bangs until the beginning of next year.

I am saving up to get the hair of my dreams which is the Indique brand. The hair is going to be curly but it straightens so well. Since it is curly, I am going to have to get three packs and longer lengths. 22′, 18′ and 14′ inches which means 200+ per pack! YIKES!!! But, that hair will be my 2012 hair because I will wear than hair until there is no more hair on the tracks! FORREAL!!! I’ll come back to you with different style ideas soon.

Later Love Bugs


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