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Posted on: May 16, 2011

Yeah I know… I was supposed to leave my weave up till June but I just couldn’t. That hair was a hot nasty funky mess. It matted all up in the back to the point where I had to take scissors to it. So gross. So I took that down and sat there like, what the heck am I going to do now? I started watching youtube videos and came across this lady who whips her shea butter with water. To myself, I am like why the heck would you do that? She said that shea butter doesn’t penetrate the hair, it just sits on top of the hair. Which I believe it true. Every time I used shea butter and would wet it, I would have this greasy white film on my hair. She whips it with water so that it can penetrate the shaft which in turn, leaves her hair moisturized. I decided to whip my shea butter with aloe vera juice and water. Then I decided why not add some other oils to it so that I can just have one product to use instead of four or five. I used a few drops of each oil:
Tea Tree Oil (anti-itch)
Lavender Oil (growth)
Rose Oil (smell)
Olive Oil (just because)
I melted the shea a bit in the microwave and then mixed all the oils together and blended with my hand blender in a glass bowl. I slowly added my water (distilled) and aloe vera juice. I scrapped the butter into an old plastic container and set it in the fridge for about an hour. Then I remembered that I wanted to make my own leave-in conditioner. Since shea butter is a sealant, I figured I needed a product to seal in. I mixed equal parts of distilled water, glycerin, and aloe vera juice in a spray bottle. I use to do this mixture with tea tree oil for a braid spray. Shook it up and I was done. I used Herbal Essence conditioner and my tangle teezer to detangle my hair. Then I washed it with my black soap recipe twice. Conditioned with Design Essentials Moisture Retention conditioner and rinsed. I sprayed my leave-in mixture all over my hair then proceeded to plat my hair in what I like to call “Ms. Celiey Braids” all over using a small amount of Eco Styler Gel and my shea butter mixture. The results were beautiful and hopefully if I find my camera I can show you! lol..


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