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Posted on: May 5, 2011


Riboflavin, which is commonly known on the market as Vitamin B2, is a helpful vitamin to supplement with for hair growth. This comes from how a deficiency in riboflavin can cause hair loss and can also cause one’s scalp to become weak. When riboflavin is used, these problems can be avoided so that hair will be able to grow on one’s scalp with ease.

Riboflavin Promotes Cellular Repair in the Scalp
When cells die out in the scalp hair growth can be inhibited. In order to get the scalp to become healthy in this case oxygen will need to reach the scalp so that cells can be repaired and also so that new ones can be produced for one’s hair growth needs. Riboflavin can be used in that it works to help with getting oxygen to be used so that it can be received properly by the body at a more efficient rate. When this happens the oxygen can work with the scalp to improve its condition.

Riboflavin Can Also Boost Red Blood Cell Counts
The consumption of riboflavin is used to help with making it easier for red blood cells to be able to get properly built up in the body. When more red blood cells are in one’s diet the cells will be able to assist in cell respiration. When cell respiration is used it will be easier for the scalp to support hair follicles and to help with making sure that the scalp is going to be able to stay together as a means of supporting all of these follicles.

Quality Riboflavin Food Sources
In order to get riboflavin for one’s hair growth needs it helps to consume foods that contain this vitamin. Grains are by far the most commonly used types of foods in that many products, particularly breads and cereals, are enriched with plenty of riboflavin. Green leafy vegetables can work as well. Some dairy products, particularly milk, can work too.

How Much Riboflavin Is Needed?
For the best results in hair growth at least one milligram of riboflavin should be used each day. 1.1mg is needed for women and 1.7mg is needed for men.

In summary riboflavin is one of the most useful things to see when it comes to hair growth vitamins. Riboflavin can help to encourage cells and oxygen to reach the body so that hair growth can be well promoted. When this happens the scalp can stay strong and hair can grow.


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