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Weave FAQs

Posted on: May 4, 2011

What is Remy Hair?
Remy hair is said to be the best hair on the market. Remy hair is human hair collected directly from one hair donor. What makes Remy hair so demanding is the fact that the cuticles are running in the same direction. This is what prevents the hair from tangling. The hair is stronger with great luster and has the potential to last MUCH longer if properly maintained. Ladies, I am talking years!!

How long will my sew-in last?
My sew-in weaves can last up to 3 months. The longevity of your sew-in is also determined by the quality of hair that you purchase and how you take care of it. I would not recommend that you to keep it in longer than three months.

Should I relax my hair before my install?
NO! I do not recommend getting a relaxer before sew-in. If you feel that you are in need of one, wait at least a week before getting your sew-in. However, it will be fine to relax the hair that will be left out.

What is a sew-in weave?
A sew-in weave is a hair extension method that starts with a foundation of cornrows. During the braiding process, I use synthetic hair. I usually braid the hair going back, but can also use other braiding patterns upon request. Once the foundation is formed, the weft is then sewn onto the cornrows into your desired style.

What is a net weave?
A net weave and a sew-in are basically the same. Except with the net weave, the weft is sewn onto the weaving net instead of the actual cornrows. The net is perfect for those with thinning hair, breakage, or bald spots. Net weaves are also ideal for those who have experienced hair loss due to various medical conditions. If you think this is the weaving method for you, please contact me so that we can schedule a consultation.

What is a closure?
A closure is a hair piece that is applied to the crown of a weave/wig. You can purchase a closure from many local beauty supply stores for as little as $5. There are Remy vendors that sale closures also.


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