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Get Sasha Fierce with Your TWA

Posted on: April 20, 2011


Femme Fatale: Feeling Fierce While Rocking a TWA

I noticed that when I first did my big chop, people expected me to wear long earrings that reach my shoulders. I mean I love my earrings, dont get me wrong but it isn’t for everyone. I see the trend often…natural divas with short hair wearing big earrings.

As much as I love earrings, I think big earrings can be overwhelming for some head shapes. Is there a need to do things considered more feminine simply because you’re rocking a TWA? Allow me to indulge you, with ways to feel more feminine while rocking a TWA or other short hair style.

7 Ways to Be a Femme Fatale while Rocking a TWA

Wear earrings and other jewelry. Earrings don’t have to be ridiculously big, but remember with a short ‘do, your ears will be more visible. Other jewelry that might make you feel more feminine include necklaces, and maybe even a nose ring. The main jewelry will be earrings. This is why you see so many women with TWAs wearing big earrings.

Keep your eyebrows arched. If you’re wearing a TWA, everything about your face will stand out. This is a good thing, as your natural features won’t be obscured by hair. On the other hand, since rocking a TWA, I notice my eyebrows even more when they aren’t arched. It can make me self-conscious, so I plan to keep them arched more often. Instead of getting them waxed professionally, consider grooming them yourself with a razor. If you get them waxed, have the look last longer by plucking stray pieces with a tweezer.

Wear makeup. As I said, your face will stand out more. To compliment your groomed eyebrows, wear a bold eyeshadow look. If you don’t have as much time in the morning, just wear a bright lip stain and a pale blush. If you’re not into makeup, stick with lip gloss and blush. A cute picture of Solange (see above) that I love shows how a bold lip and small earrings can make any TWA rocker into a femme fatale.

Wear form fitting clothes. This does not mean you have to dress provocatively. Form fitting clothes will make you feel more feminine. Think skinny jeans, fitted tops, and bright colors. Also consider wearing casual dresses and skirts more often. A cute Maxi dress or pencil skirt will do the trick.

Accessorize your hair with clips, flowers, and other hair accessories. Once you obtain more length, experiment with headbands*, clips, flower, and even feathers. This tip is inspired by all the cute accessories I see Natural Chica wearing on her blog and Facebook fan page. A YouTube video on how she makes some of her accessories can be found here.

Accentuate your eyelashes with mascara. A deep black mascara that makes lashes look thicker and longer will add a fierce feminine touch to your visage. You may want to consider fake lashes, but since this sight is all about being natural, I would suggest only mascara. You also may want to only wear clear mascara to separate and lengthen the lashes. Clear mascara is also a great way to tame unruly eyebrows until your next arching/eyebrow grooming.

Walk tall and be proud. I need to work on this myself, as my posture could use improvement. When you consider yourself a natural diva or natural goddess, you will exude a level of confidence that no amount of cute accessories or big earrings can. There is much more to being a woman than how much hair you have on your head. Remember to represent for the natural divas that rock TWAs.


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