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Weaved Up Till June(Hopefully)

Posted on: April 19, 2011

I decided to get a weave after taking my tree braid style down. I must say that I really liked that style and I will do it again. I took it down Monday and had a friend from work wash and blowdry my hair. I detangled with a vanilla deep conditioner and a denman brush. I let that conditioner sit for about an hour before she rinsed me out and blow dried me.

After that, I braided my hair. Now, the hair I got was a super curly wet and wavy that was pretty close to my hair pattern when I did a two strand twist out in my hair. So I left out the sides (about an inch) and the very top. I braided everything else straight down and then braided all those braids into one big braid, then sewed that braid down.

The hair I used. Outre Premium Jerry Curl Weaving 8″ 10″ 12″ Wet and Wavy. This is a box of hair that comes with three pieces and they were 3 different lengths and a closure piece. The “BOX” deal insures that you only need one box to do an entire head.

But what they don’t tell you is that the hair is very thin on the weft. So your wefts may be long, but the hair is EXTREMLEY thin. I have used this brand of hair to do clients weaves and while I applied as much hair as possible, it still wasnt as full so I decided to get a different curl thinking that it will be fuller with tighter curls. And since I wasn’t doing my entire head, it will be okay. So I weaved my hair like normal. Not cutting the track but doing a zig zag formation all the way to the very top.

I wanted to see what it looked like straight. A HOT MESS! Since it was late, I put my hair into 4 flat twists, secured them with perm rods, and went to sleep. I woke up early because i had to wet my hair in the shower. After I wet it, I was angry! I really looked like a long Jheri Curl. FORREAL! I was thinking to myself that this was a disaster. I moused it up and realized that I blow dry hair for a living. And when you want to add volume, you push the hair opposite of where you want it to go. I got my blow dryer out, flipped my hair upside down and began to blowdry. Pulling from the root but not finger combing. After about 6 non-stop minutes of that, I flipped my hair over and it was an afro! LOL, a little better but not what I wanted.

When i got to work, after pulling out my hair to match this weave, it still seemed flat. I decided to add some volumizing spray at the root. I do this for my clients all the time but I never tried this on my hair because I have natural volume. I sprayed the product at th e roots, flipped the hair again, and repeated the blowdry process and… I LIKED IT. I thought about what I could do to make it bigger and forgot I only used 2 of the 3 wefts. I still had th e 8″. When I got home I quickly doubled the weft my had sewing it together and the folded that in half and sewed that together. In all it was 4 times its thickness whick made it easer for me to add the 8″ to the front. After that, I waited till the next morning at wet the top in the shower. This time I waited till I got to work to blowdry my hair. I used the spray and some leave-in conditioner and began to blowdry. Now at this time, my twists were still in. I figured that my natural hair didn’t need volume because all my twistouts are big. After my hair was dry, I took out my twists, and I was happy. My hair was more volumous and it was not a Jheri Curl, but a cute curly fro that resembled my natural hair in a twistout. it wasn’t what I was going for but it turned out pretty cute. Pictures are coming soon.


1 Response to "Weaved Up Till June(Hopefully)"

Good stuff baby, the jheri curl/afro part was hilarious lol lol

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