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Braid Out

Posted on: March 16, 2011


A “braid out,” is an easy way for people of any hair texture to have soft waves without a permanent change or hours of QT with a curling iron. Before you head in to braid out, find a couple things to consider when you read more.

• Know how your braids last best. If your hair type becomes more flyaway and slippery with shampoo or conditioner, skip that step before starting this style. (Personally, I condition only and do not wash.)
• Holding product equals holding power. Add your favorite leave-in after stepping out of the shower with a bit of spray gel/ hairspray on your wet hair before starting each section. Sleeping on the wet style will allow you to get curlies while you (don’t) wait . . . and offer conditioning time, too.
• Wavy, wavier, waviest as desired. Typically, more braids mean more waves and thicker hair will result in more volume and require more braids for more definition. You’ll get a much tighter curl from several cornrows than you will from one tight French braid style, but it’s not essential to use those braiding techniques. Just know, the closer you can get to your scalp when starting, the higher up your waves will begin.
If you’re not a self-styling pro, grab a pal and take turns braiding each other’s hair. It’s like Summer camp all over again . . . this time minus the chlorine and bug bites.

What You Need
• Perm Rods
• Rat Tail Comb
• Spray Bottle
• Setting Lotion
• End Papers (optional)

Starting with wet hair?

Step 1 Wash and condition your hair.

Step 2 Towel dry most of the water out of your hair (remember to squeeze the water out. Don’t rub with the towel).

Starting with dry hair?

Step 3 Comb moisturizing leave-in conditioner and a little setting lotion through your hair (if you start with dry hair it will get a bit damp at this point and that’s fine).

Step 4 Section your hair into parts, depending on how defined you want your waves to be. Small sections give tight waves and big sections give loose waves.

Step 5 Braid or plait the section of hair all the way to the ends. Use a small magnetic roller or rod to roll the ends of the hair about half way up. This gives definition to the ends and makes them look finished.

Step 6 Continue to section, braid and end roll until your entire head is done (make sure to check if you left any hairs hanging out).

Step 7 Dry your hair either with a bonnet dryer or let it air dry during the day or while you sleep. Make sure your hair is fully dry before you take down the braids or the style won’t hold.

Step 8 When you’re ready to take them down use a little bit of serum on your hands and gently undo the rods and separate each braid.
When they are all out, gently massage your scalp to loosen up the hair and “disguise” the parts that you made at the roots. Fluff the hair and finger comb to style if you want more volume.

Tips For A Perfect Braid Out

• Be gentle when you’re combing your wet hair. It snaps easily under pressure.
• Maintain this style by wearing a satin cap to bed at night and using a hair gloss on the morning.
• Use your fingers to fluff the hair up if it goes flat while you sleep.
• This style will last 3-7 days depending on your hair (coarse hair holds this style longer than fine hair) and whether or not you get it wet.
• If you want your waves to be more defined, do them on wet hair.


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