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Posted on: March 9, 2011

How to round or denman brush afro textured hair

Round brush blow drying in the African-American community is sometimes called a “Dominican blow-out.” This method of blow drying dries the same way that any other method does, with the added bonus of straightening the hair and giving it more body. You can do this yourself at home, or have it done in a beauty salon. It is important to note that the heat setting in round brush blow drying is quite high, so remember to apply the heat protection serum to your hair before drying.

1. Apply leave in conditioner to your hair while it is semi-wet (towel dried). Comb through the hair with a wide-tooth comb, making sure there are no tangles. If necessary, use an anti-tangle leave-in serum.
2. Apply heat protection serum, then part the hair into six sections, three on the left and three on the right. Separate each section with a hair clip.
3. Unclip one of the two bottom sections and section make a horizontal part in the middle of this section. Leave the bottom section free and clip the remaining hair up.
4. Place the two- or three-inch round/denman brush on the underside of your hair. With the other hand, hold the blow dryer and dry from the root to end. At the same time run the round/denman brush from the root to the end. Continue this action a few times, or until the hair is dry.
5. Unclip the remaining hair in this section and repeat step four. Continue this step on all sections of the hair.
6. Once completed, comb through thoroughly and add your regular styling products and style the hair as normal.


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