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Braid and Flexi Rod Update

Posted on: March 3, 2011

MY BRAIDS ARE STILL IN!!! This is a world record for me. So, they are still up and I am going to touch up the edges very soon. My goal was to leave them up until the end of march and I am doing everything in my power to make sure I leave them up until then. My braid spray and oil are doing wonders for my hair and scalp. I have been using a dry shampoo in between washes though because my scalp gets really flaky. I did, however, use some of my mothers leave in conditioner and had a severe allergic reaction because she put in a heaping about of sulfur that I didn’t know about. I was scratching everywhere and scratched the back row so hard that a braid came out WITH MY HAIR IN IT. I know, I know, pretty crazy. But since I know it was my fault and not the braids fault I am going to leave them up. Also, the flexi rods. They killed my head! I couldn’t sleep on the to save my life. I got up about 2 or so and took them all out. The curl was so pretty but I was so upset that i just went back to sleep instead of pinning the curls in place. I woke up with a slight wave and it was still cute, but I know if I had left them in the whole night they would have been even better. I am, however, going to do the flexi rods on my natural hair when I take my braids down at the end of the month. I think that will be a great style I can easily maintain for a week or so until I get my next style. I also think I am going to start doing my hair stories via video so that was you can see exactly what my hair is doing. Well… next time you will actually see me:) Hopefully my hair will resemble Alicia Keys. Let’s just keep praying! LOL


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