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Importance of Moisturizing

Posted on: February 23, 2011

Importance of moisturizing your hair

Retaining moisture in highly textured hair is one of the most common concerns for people of African descent. Oils naturally produced by the scalp may not be able to travel easily down the length of the hair, putting the ends of the hair at increased risk of breakage and dryness. Regularly infusing the hair strands with moisture is the key to preventing damage and promoting long, healthy hair.

Steam Treatments
According to, steam treatments are an effective, economical way to revitalize and moisturize the hair strands. Resembling a hooded hair dryer, a hair steaming unit emits mists of steam that penetrate the hair shaft and add sheen and softness while hair is under the steamer unit. Many salons offer steam treatments to clients, although portable steam treatment units can be found in beauty supply stores and range in price from $100 to $300, as of 2010. Steam treatments are best used with plastic shower caps; you can recreate the effects of hair steamers by allowing the hair to sit under a plastic cap or saran wrap during a hot shower.

Moisturizing Conditioners
There are a variety of moisturizing conditioners available that will help add moisture to the hair. Many of these moisturizing conditioners contain silicones that coat the hair strands, though. Over time, some may find that their hair is actually more resistant to moisture treatments due to silicone buildup coating the strands. For this reason, moisturizing conditioners that contain silicones should be used sparingly in black hair care. If products with silicones are used to moisturize the hair occasionally, recommends you use a clarifying product to prevent product buildup and brittle hair.

Healthier Hair Accessories
Retaining moisture in black hair can be difficult because of the spiraled or coiled structure of the hair strands. Avoid cotton hair accessories as they tend to leech moisture from the hair and may damage the strands. According to, satin and silk hair accessories are much better options that help the hair retain moisture and integrity.

Protective Styling
According to, protective styling is an indirect way to keep the hair moisturized. Simple yet elegant protective styles such as braids, twists and buns are common mainstays in black hair care routines that will help ensure healthy hair. Buns and braided protective styles should not be worn too tightly, as this will eventually lead to breaking, dry and brittle hair. With protective styles, the objective is to maintain the integrity of the fragile ends, so take care to ensure that the ends are kept from excessively grazing against the shoulders and clothes, both of which contribute to moisture loss and damage.

Overnight Moisturizing
According to, moisturizing the hair overnight–or deep moisturizing–is necessary for hair lacking optimal porosity. There are many deep moisturizing treatments that can be purchased inexpensively at local supermarkets. Homemade deep moisturizers often work just as well as commercial products. One inexpensive deep moisturizer is the avocado. Rich in nutrients and fatty acids, an avocado hair mask can nourish dry, brittle, or damaged hair. Simply mash a medium or large avocado until it is the consistency of baby food, then apply to hair and leave on overnight.


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