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Posted on: February 13, 2011

So I have decided to curl my braids with flexi rods. They are soft rollers that you roll up and fold together. They were 9 dollars at Sally’s which are the cheapest I could find. I used the purple color which are medium-sized and I bought 2 packs. I took random sections and just rolled it up any old kind of way. I used all but 3 rods so hopefully the will come out. To prep my hair I sprayed on my leave in braid and weave spray that I made and also some Chi Keratin Strengthener. And just to say, I am doing very well on my challenge to moisturize daily. Making my own braid spray and hair oil helps with this goal. I will sleep on them during the night and put on my silk bonnet to protect my hair and to also protect my pillow from the products used on my hair.
And, I found this picture of Tanika Ray and turns out, she used flexi rods to achieve this look! Ummm hummm… That’s what I said. It’s just a few days old but I am feeling this style!!! What you think?!?!?


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