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My New Singles

Posted on: January 26, 2011

I couldn’t stand my hair straight so my friend Carlotta and I braided my hair in singles. I used sepia human braiding hair that I pre used it was 16 inches but washing hair stretches it a little bit. Plus, I really need 18 inch hair because my hair is long but they didn’t have any in stock and I am picky about the hair I use. I had my hair in singles about a year ago and when I took out the braids I didn’t cut the hair out i just un-braided each braid. So I detangled the hair and placed a rubber band around the middle of the hair. then we put shampoo (my black soap recipe) in the sink with boiling hot water. I placed the hair in the water and let it sit. IT WAS PRETTY GROSS!!! The water was black after 15 minutes! And it wasn’t from the soap but the dye and dirt that was on the hair. AND I DO MEAN BLACK! I rinsed the hair about 5 times in hot water until the water ran clear. Then I used Design Essentials HCO leave in conditioner (Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen). I sprayed a generous amount before I blow dried the hair and also used some Design Essentials Serum. I blow dried the hair with the rubber band still on. I took the rubber band off after both sides were dry and gently dried the middle of the hair bunch. Now mind you, I lost ALOT of hair in this process but if hair per pack is 45$ and up, I would rather do this method and have to buy one fresh pack then to buy 3 New packs. I’m just saying. My singles are nowhere near micro because I feel like the bigger braids are better for my hair type since my hair is fine. Hopefully I will leave these up for two months (let us pray) and I will touch them up about a month after. HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE!!! lol


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