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Vitamin C

Posted on: January 3, 2011

Vitamin C

When people think about Vitamin C they think about how it can be used to promote a healthy immune system. However this is only a part of what it can do. Vitamin C can also work to promote hair growth.

Vitamin C Assists With Collagen Production
In order for hair follicles to stay healthy and to continue to grow plenty of collagen is needed. This is a material that is used to help hold tissues, including scalp tissues, together. When Vitamin C is sufficiently available in the body, collagen can be produced at a healthy rate.

Vitamin C Reduces Hair Breakages
One of the main causes of hair loss comes from how hair can break off. When the body is deficient in Vitamin C, breakages will be more likely to occur. By having a steady diet of this vitamin the breakages will not occur as often and in many cases will be able to stop altogether. This can help to get hair to grow and to have a person keep one’s hair.

Vitamin C Helps With Hair Moisturizing
In order for hair to be able to grow it must not be dry. Having a dry scalp can cause the area to become wrinkled and to therefore cause hair to stop growing. Vitamin C can be used either orally or through mixing in with some kind of hair treatment to help with moisturizing hair. This is an especially good solution to see in the event that one’s hair has been damaged over time from excessive dryness.

Plentiful Food Sources of Vitamin C
One of the reasons why Vitamin C is one of the best vitamins for hair growth to use comes from how there are so many foods that contain this vitamin. Most fruits feature Vitamin C with the most popular being berries of various kinds, melons, bananas and grapefruits. Some vegetables, including leafy green vegetables and peas, can feature this vitamin as well.
It helps to consume at least 100mg of Vitamin C each day for the best results. 110mg is best for women while 125mg can work for men. Although an excessive level of the vitamin will not harm the hair it can cause headaches and vomiting.
In will be a great idea to see how Vitamin C can work for one’s hair growth needs. Vitamin C is a vitamin that can be used to help with promoting hair growth and to keep the hair in a state that is healthy enough to where it will be able to be stay intact and not fall out easily.


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