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Consider the Transition

Posted on: January 3, 2011

How do I transition from relaxed to natural hair?

This one is a very frequently asked question. We get calls and e-mails from people hoping we can tell them what they want to hear. The true answer is there is no really quick or easy way. To reiterate (in case you haven’t read the other questions). A relaxer is permanent. It cannot be removed. There are no products that will remove a relaxer (other than scissors). If you want to just grow your hair out to a natural state, be prepared for breakage. Baka Beautiful’s Natural-Laxer Plus is a great product if you want to maintain your length while transitioning. We cannot guarantee there will be no breakage. But, the Natural-Laxer can definitely help minimize it. There are three good ways to transition:
• Cut off the relaxed hair- depending on how much new growth and your preferences you have a few styling options. You can wear a TWA (tweeny weeny afro) or two strand twists pretty easily with almost any length hair. For other styling ideas, see or

• Braids and/or extensions- you can have your hair braided until it grows to a length where you feel comfortable cutting off the new growth and going with other styling options
• SisterlocksTM- SisterLocks can be started with one and one half inches of new growth at the scalp. They are similar to dread locks but with a look more like micro braids or very small twists. They leave you with many styling options. For more information (including pictures) go to

• Find a transition style- This great tip was given to us by one of our customers. “I just wanted to send you another hair styling option for those who don’t know what to do while growing out a perm and going natural. I recently did this and when my roots began growing out, I would wet my hair and add oil to it, then braid it while it was wet (Black Earth’s Crinkles & Curls Styling Lotion would be perfect for this). After it dried, my hair was left wavy and with lots of texture and this helped to blend the natural roots with the permed ends. It is important to keep your ends clipped regularly during this process so that your split ends do not continue up the hair shaft and damage the natural hair. I was able to wear my hair like this until I was comfortable with cutting all of my permed hair off and wearing my ‘fro.”

Trying to transition in other ways, like pressing the natural hair as it grows in underneath the relaxed hair, are going to make your hair prone to breakage and can damage the natural hair you’re trying to grow in. We do not recommend it. While transitioning, try to find a style that will accomodate the new growth coming in like twists or braids.


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