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Posted on: January 2, 2011

An Afro is a hairstyle that is often most easy to achieve in people of African descent. The Afro is a natural way of wearing the hair that allows for short tight curls to surround the head like a cloud of hair. An Afro can be relatively small or very large depending upon the length of the hair. The Afro look was a reactionary response in the 1960s and 1970s for Black women and men rejecting the need to look “white” and apply hair straightener to achieve Caucasian-like hair.
Anyone who has tightly curled hair will better be able to achieve an Afro better than a person with straight hair. Some people can achieve enough curl with a permanent to achieve the Afro.
it is fluffed out using a special wide-toothed comb or pick. This eliminates some of the curl causing the hair to stand nearly straight out from the head. Overall the effect means the hair is fluffed out all over. Some have compared the Afro look to a natural helmet, since there seems to be little space between each hair.
As the hair gets longer, it needs to be very curly to achieve the Afro look. A few people have sported notably huge Afros by growing their hair quite long. Jimi Hendrix, deceased guitarist, was known for his Afro look. Diana Ross also had an impressive Afro during the 1970s through the 2000s.
The Afro became even more popular with the advent of disco. Like any other fashion style, the Afro grew larger due to the demands of fashion. Then it became lampooned, with comedians wearing extremely large Afros. Jokes about fitting through doorways and getting into cars while sporting an Afro abounded.
In the main these jokes were not a fling at Blacks or meant to be racially motivated. In fact many of the comedians making fun of the Afro have been black. In 2005, fashion returned to the 1970s for inspiration in clothing and hairstyles, and people once again sported somewhat modest Afros.

A shrunken afro certainly ticks some of the boxes of protective styling as it keeps your hair off your shoulders and clothes. However, depending on your hair type this style is more of an enemy than a friend!
If you have 4a, 4b and sometimes 3c hair then a shrunken afro can do you more harm than good. Very curly hair when left to its own devices after a wash will shrink to as low as 50% of its true length. With such tight curls they unfortunately have a tendency to curl up on themselves forming the evil single strand knots. Single strand knots are when a single hair forms a knot usually in the bottom couple of inches of the strand.
Now granted, it is not possible to completely eliminate single strand knots if you have natural hair but excessive single strand knots are a sign that your regimen needs to be adjusted. Not to mention that your ends feel rough even when your hair is straightened smooth.
Shrunken afro’s also produce ‘regular sized’ knots, and in abundance! These are the ones that get caught in your comb when you are attempting to detangle. Sometimes the hair gets so knotted that frustration can ensue causing you to rip through the knot tearing your hair out in the process. However even for the very patient among us, only a pair of scissors will remove the knot sometimes. It makes you think that you may as well bypass the shrunken afro all together and just start hacking at your hair with a sharp pair of scissors!
For those reasons, a shrunken afro is probably the worst way to ‘protect’ your hair.


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